iRacing is the ultimate place to go racing online. From NASCAR, to IndyCar, to sports cars and Grand Prix racing, iRacing has it all. All you need is a PC, a gaming wheel or game pad and an Internet connection. iRacing organizes all of the racing for you, or you can choose to host your own race. Either way the competition is as real as it gets – you’ll be racing against motorsports fans who share your passion for racing.

iRacing is a thrilling on-line experience that offers:

  • The best on-line racing simulation and service in the world with brilliant features and functionality
  • Head-to-head competition - racing against real people
  • Constant free automatic updates and improvements to the service
  • Officially licensed cars that are engineered from the ground up in cooperation with real world race teams and using real-world physics
  • Officially-licensed, exact replicas of the world’s greatest race tracks
  • Officially-sanctioned racing organized by iRacing including the iRacing Pro Series (Road & Oval) and World Cup of iRacing
  • An online community of racing enthusiasts over 20,000 strong
  • Ability to host your own private sessions or create your own private racing leagues

iRacing is great for both professional racers and serious sim racers. Sim-Sport builds simulators allow both types to play at the top of their game.